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Qatar Foundation

Take a 360 virtual tour through Education City from the QF Headquarters Balcony

The Qatar Foundation website (www.qf.org.qa) is the primary QF digital channel. As the website constantly evolves to match the growing expectations of QF audience, QF is looking into adding immersive experiences through Virtual reality tours.

The objective of this project is to build a virtual tour of Qatar Foundation from the Qatar Foundation Headquarters balcony that is situated in the 8th floor.

To take visitors on an experiential digital journey through the organization, open up the opportunities it offers to them, and be an innovative platform for promoting Qatar to a global audience.

Using state-of-the-art design concepts and a storytelling approach, the website is an immersive, interactive, and user-friendly showcase of QF’s pivotal contribution to Qatar’s economic and social development and how it generates benefit for the world.

Project Description

We have developed an immersive experience of the Qatar foundation headquarters balcony from which we have a 360 view of the whole education city.

Name tags were developed for all the respective entities visible in the panoramic view but once invoked would display respective multimedia (video, text, Image, audio) content. The space will also include the visitor center on the balcony.

Launch Project