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Qatar: Through the Eyes of a Falcon

A One of a Kind Viral Video

Developed by Doha Pano Media Company for Qatar Tourism, “Qatar: Through the Eyes of a Falcon” showcases the collaboration’s commitment to innovation and storytelling. The project took nearly one year in development, reflecting the dedication and meticulous attention to detail invested in bringing this unique concept to life. A custom-made harness created by Doha Pano Media was used on the falcon to ensure its safety and comfort during filming.

Qatar Tourism has unveiled the innovative production titled “Qatar: Through the Eyes of a Falcon,” offering viewers a captivating glimpse of Qatar’s stunning landscapes as observed from the perspective of the nation’s esteemed national symbol, the falcon.

In this groundbreaking initiative, viewers will embark on a mesmerizing visual journey, experiencing sweeping vistas of Qatar’s diverse terrain through the lens of this iconic bird. Berthold Trenkel, Chief Operating Officer of Qatar Tourism, emphasized the significance of this approach, stating, “We selected the falcon’s viewpoint to offer viewers a profound and authentic lens through which to explore Qatar.”
This project was a result of intensive research, training, and development by the Doha Pano team and falconers, spanning a year to achieve the goal of capturing Qatar’s beauty from the perspective of its national bird.

As the falcon gracefully traverses the skies, audiences are treated to breathtaking views of Qatar’s enchanting landscapes, from the mesmerizing dunes of the Arabian desert to the glittering skyscrapers of Doha. This juxtaposition of tradition and modernity encapsulates the essence of Qatar’s unique hospitality offering, as this year’s Arab Tourism Capital.
Falcons hold a special place in Qatari heritage, having been revered and bred in the desert for over 5,000 years. Today, these solitary birds are celebrated as Qatar’s national emblem, symbolizing endurance and valor.

Renowned for their remarkable flight capabilities, falcons can soar to altitudes of up to 3,000 feet and cover extensive distances, exceeding 300 kilometers in a single day. The unparalleled vantage point offered by these majestic creatures provides viewers with a fresh perspective on Qatar’s natural beauty and cultural heritage.
To experience this captivating journey firsthand, viewers can watch “Qatar: Through the Eyes of a Falcon” on Qatar Tourism’s Visit Qatar YouTube channel.

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